When I first really encountered the idea of interface design was with windows 98, specifically the plus pack. The idea that windows could have different sounds, icons, and colors were amazing. I eventually, started collecting themes from places like theme doctor. Once I had a collection of icons sounds and windows color schemes I dived deeper and eventually I found software that let me create my own icons and cursours it was amazing. That was my first real taste of intentional interface design. I remember being excited when I learned I could change the windows boot animation.

There was a time when I tried to make the desktop look as close to a window from the bridge of the enterprise. I loved the look and feel of the LCARS interface that powered the future. I changed the windows shell using one that closely imitated the look and feel of the futuristic interface. I had wallpapers sounds and icons that all made it feel like the enterprise younger me was excited.

When I think about it now those early years of experimenting with windows, customizing the interface, and how it appeared to lead me down the path of wanting to be a designer, lead me to web design as a career choice. Without getting too far into the darkness. I struggle with imposter syndrome a lot and after 13 years doing the do I encountered a supervisor who actually made me feel like I really was a fraud and didn't know what I was doing, eventually I was laid off, and well out of that darkness I decided to focus specifically on the thing that brought me joy as a child and honestly brings me joy today - Good Design.

As fate would have it io finished the Google UX Design Professional Certificate right as I became unemployed so now the journey is the transition.