Project Overview 

This was a project assignment that was part of the Google UX Design Professional Certificate Program I enrolled in at

My Role
:  I served as the Lead UX Designer bringing his project's design from conception to manifestation. 

The Purpose

Why create a  project like this? Well, the goal is really to stay committed to performing all five steps of the design thinking process (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Testing).

The Challange
The Tools
Learning new tools is always a hurdle that must be overcome. Figma was a tool I was only familiar with in passing never having the opportunity to use it professionally. I love the tool immensely. 


Empathizing & Research 

Learning about the users of a product is important. I did this by conducting research using friends and family who buy tickets using apps like this as guinea pigs in my first moderated usability study. I learned a lot, mostly centered around how people expect similar apps to behave. I never expected to get the kind of feedback that I received. During this process, I learned people genuinely love to be helpful and they aren't shy about sharing opinions.

Meet the Personas


Age: 22
Occupation: Sales Agent


Age: 30
Occupation: Retail Sales

Sandra is a single mother who wants a quick and easy way to buy movie tickets on the go for her and her two kids.

Bill works retail, with odd hours, he's a movie buff that likes to catch a film when he can; Being able to order tickets on the go allows him to catch more movies a year.

Brainstorming & Idea Iteration

After immersing myself in data and fully understanding what this product was and what it needed to be I started sketching various wireframes and concepts ultimately settling on the layout you see today.


Wireframes & Mockups


What I Learned

  • I learned to use Figma, I used it exclusively for this project and my proficiency has grown and is on par with my understanding of other vector-based design programs like illustrator and affinity designer

  • People generally like to be helpful and they love giving feedback even about things they have no real interest in they just want to be good people.

Next Steps

Membership programs and offerings of concessions would be a logical extension and a place for this project to expand its feature set.